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  • Sameer Jafri

Revive Adds Dr. Fred St. Goar to Medical Advisory Board

Updated: Mar 30

Dr. Fred St. Goar, Medical Advisor at Revive Solutions, Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (April 1, 2019) – Revive Solutions, Inc. (“Revive” or the “Company”), a leading developer of a next generation Automated External Defibrillator (“AED”) addressing the global public health issue of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (“SCA”), today announced that Dr. Fred St. Goar has joined the Company’s Medical Advisory Board.

He is known as a an active participant in the medical device industry, and was part of the founding teams at Evalve (acq. by Abbott) and Heartport (acq by Johnson & Johnson). Dr. St. Goar is still a practicing interventional cardiologist at El Camino Hospital and serves as the Medical Director of the Norma Melchor Heart and Vascular Institute based at El Camino. He also serves as the Vice Chairman of the Board at the Fogarty Institute for Innovation. Dr. St. Goar received his M.D. from Harvard Medical School and completed his medical and cardiology training at Stanford University. 

"Dr. St. Goar is well-recognized as a leader in the medical device industry, and we are excited that he has joined our Medical Advisory Board," said Rory Beyer, CEO of Revive. "He provides a unique perspective to the team as both a renowned clinician in the cardiovascular space and as an innovator that has been an integral role in multiple successful medical device company outcomes. We look forward to working with Dr. St. Goar and benefiting from his past experiences as we work to bring our product to market."

"I am thrilled to be joining the creative and forward thinking Revive team as an Advisor," said Dr. Fred St. Goar. "I believe that Revive's innovative AED technology will dramatically improve the availability of emergency response therapy and thus improve access to important life saving care. As a physician and innovator who has been in the field for more than 30 years, I rarely get to see such a winning combination of disruptive technology and the ideal team to develop it." 

About Revive Solutions, Inc.

Revive Solutions, Inc. is a San Francisco-based privately held healthcare technology company developing a next generation automated external defibrillator and software solutions in an effort to significantly increase survival rates from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

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