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** This product is currently in development and not currently marketed or approved for sale.

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Team Bios


Eric is the VP of Operations at Avive, where he leads manufacturing operations. Eric has over 20 years in operations leadership roles developing innovative Class III and Class II medical devices and combination products. He has worked at companies which designed, manufactured, and sold devices for cardiology, hemodialysis, OB/GYN, intensive care therapy, angioplasty, stent, coronary artery bypass grafts, AAA, custom stent delivery systems, mitral valve repair, and most recently worked on a critical care monitoring diagnostic tool for predictive health. Most notably, Eric has served as the Director of Manufacturing Operations at XTENT (NYSE: XTNT), the Director of Manufacturing Engineering at Evalve (acq. by Abbot), and most recently the Director of Manufacturing at Potrero Medical. All in all, Eric has worked at startup and corporate environments and has been involved with six acquisitions by large medical technology companies. Eric earned his Bachelor's degree in Industrial Studies from California State University, San Diego.

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys spending time on outings with his wife, two daughters, and family dog.

  • Eric has been sailing small and big boats since a young boy and currently enjoys longboard windsurf racing with Fleet 18 in Foster City.​

  • Spends too many Saturdays cleaning his wife's classroom turtle tank.​

  • Was the official nail polisher for his daughters until they became teenagers and outgrew this passion.